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Common Questions Answered


Questions You May Have While Considering Entering

What should I make my check out to?

Checks made payable to AmeriFest LLC


How long do I have to submit Walmart Chances?

Walmart chances may be sold up until pageant day and $1 for $1 go toward any fees or items you have marked. You must still send in a portion as a deposit by your deadline. Bring tickets cut up to the pageant.

What are the rules on submitting photos for the photo contests (Cover, Centerfold, Theme, & Top Model)?

Any photos submitted (online, hand delivered to AmeriFest Studios, or mailed in) should have a press release in your possession, do NOT submit to us at the pageant. They should be unaltered photos (light touch ups allowed, no added teeth, lashes, etc to the photos). They may be up to 8x10 in color or black and white. Always must be labeled with name and age. NO frames ever permitted. Photogenic photos MUST be brought to pageant registration.

Will I get my photos back?

Yes. Photos hand delivered or mailed in will be given back to you in your registration packet during pageant weekend. However, copies made on printer paper will not be given back. 

I secured ads after the paperwork deadline. What do I do? 

Please mail all sponsorship forms postmarked by due date. Please note that all ad submissions are non-returnable. We reserve the right to reject any ad we deem unsuitable for our audience. Ads submitted after the deadline may not appear in the program book. Please email as soon as possible if you received them after the deadline.

Will I get my ads back?

No. Ads are not returned.

Competition Related Questions

What is the difference between an age division and an age session? 

Age division refers to the group the contestant will appear before the judges in group competition for side awards. A division queen and court will be crowned from this group (example: ages 13 will have a queen and court, age 14 will have a queen and court, and age 15 will have a queen and court). Age session refers to the entire group of contestants from which the Grand Supreme queen and court will be crowned (example: 1 overall Grand Supreme, 1 overall Mini Supreme, 1 overall Novice Supreme, and so on, will be crowned in the age session of ages 13-15, in addition to the divisional queens). 

What is Supreme Row? 

Supreme Row is the highest composite scores in each age session: Grand Supreme, Mini Supreme, Novice Supreme, Beauty Supreme, Personality Supreme, and Photo Supreme. AmeriFest LLC reserves the right to combine and/or split age divisions and/or sessions. If you do not pay for supremes before competition, you will not be in the running for Supreme Row.

What are side awards?

Side awards are optional and do not effect your overall score. Contestants will line up with the rest of their age division before they do their beauty walk to be judged on the following: Best dressed, prettiest hair, rising star, and personality. If you did not pay for this optional, you will not be in the running to win any of these awards. 

What are the rules for my age group?

Age group rules are listed on the General Rules page. Please click HERE to view those.

I am doing Fun Fashion, what should I wear?

This area of competition and it is not required, nor does it effect your overall score. This outfit is outfit of choice!

What is the style of modeling and interview? 

We celebrate natural beauty, and love showcasing gorgeous outfits in a fun, upbeat walking style on our stage. Private interviews for girls ages 9 and up are conducted in 2 minutes with a panel of 3 judges, who will also judge the contestants on stage. 

How do I qualify for Kentucky Festivals State? 

We have tons of preliminary pageants in which you can qualify for the Kentucky State pageant. You can qualify by placing any Supreme (Grand, Mini, Novice, Beauty, Personality, or Photo), Queen/King, Princess/Prince, or Duchess/Duke. Not all prelims will do Supremes but if they do, all supremes will qualify for State. Additional opportunities to qualify for state include: Humanitarian, Ambassadors, Civic Awards, and/or Community Service Awards. Please note that not all prelim pageants are going to have the same qualifying awards as others. 

I qualified for Kentucky State, how do I qualify for AmeriFest Nationals? 

There are many ways in which you can qualify at Kentucky State, for AmeriFest Nationals. You can qualify by placing Queen, Princess, or Duchess. All photo winners will qualify, this includes centerfold, cover model, theme photo, top model, and photogenic. Humanitarian, Ambassadors, A.L.I.C.E. , Kentucky's Choice , Kentucky Scholar and/or Charity Supreme winners.

Post Pageant Questions

Will I receive a scoresheet after the pageant? 

Scoresheets should be emailed to the contestants within two weeks of the pageant. We usually have a very long weekend with a day/two break, then we have to unpack the trailers and locate scoresheets. Scores are then put into our database with numerical scores and comments. They will be emailed to everyone.


Are we allowed to compete in other pageants if we are titleholders?

Yes but IF for some reason a state or national title holder (grand supreme) were to win another title during their reign that permitted them from representing AmeriFest or their respective state title, the title and all responsibilities and appearances, including the crowning of her successor , will be handed down to the next highest score behind her (normally Mini Supreme). We do NOT prohibit you from competing in other pageants during your reign, however if you do win a title or have another obligation that prohibits you from carrying out your duties this would apply. If any Preteen, Teen, or Miss winner becomes pregnant during her reign, all titles and responsibilities would be handed down to the next highest score in line. This does not apply to MS, Mrs., or Modern Woman divisions.

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